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 DnD 5e - Brunar Olfellow

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Brunar Olfellow

Brunar Olfellow

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PostSubject: DnD 5e - Brunar Olfellow   DnD 5e - Brunar Olfellow Icon_minitimeThu Sep 08, 2016 11:55 pm

Brunar Olfellow
Male, Hill Dwarf, Paladin, 1
Soldier, Chaotic Good
Armor Class: 16 +2(18 with shield)
Hit Points: 14
Speed: 25 ft
STR: 14 (+2)  / DEX: 8  (-1)  /  CON: 16 (+3)  /  INT: 8 (-1)  /  WIS: 13 (+1)  /  CHA: 15 (+2)
Proficiency Bonus: +2
Saving Throws: WIS +3  /  CHA +4
Skills: Athletics +4  /  Intimidation +4  /  Medicine +3  /  Persuasion +4 
Damage Resistance: Poison (Dwarven Resilience)
Senses: Dark Vision 60 ft  /  Passive Perception 11
Other Proficiencies: Simple weapons, martial weapons, all armor and shields, smith's tools, gaming set, mounts (land), vehicles (land)
Languages: Common, Dwarvish
Racial Traits: Dwarven Weapon Training, Stone Cunning, Dwarven Toughness
Class Abilities: Divine Sense, Lay on Hands
Equipment: Mace, shield, halberd, chain mail, holy symbol,
traveler's clothes, rank insignia, lucky charm (dead brother's medallion),
explorer's pack (backpack, bedroll, messkit, tinderbox, waterskin, 10 days of rations, 10 torches, 50' of hemp rope)
Coin: 40gp
Skin: pale tan
Eyes: deep emerald green, seem void of emotion in shadow/feeling of determination and hope in light
Hair: reddish-brown medium length, full beard
Height: 4' - 7"
Weight: 173 lbs
Age: 47
Personality Traits:
Ideals: Seeking to aid those in need, inclined to see good prosper in the world.
Flaws: Distrusting of Organizations

Brunar and his brother Mogran lost their family to war at a young age. To prevent the same happening to others they decided to serve the Light via the Order of the Setting Sun. As they aged, the Order allowed many opportunities to advance their battle skills. Fighting side by side, the brothers had waged countless battles against the evil in surrounding lands. As the campaigns continued, a competitive spirit grew between the brothers. Eventually, however, the healthy competitions turned more aggressive while Mogran became intensively devoted to the Order.

Slowly Brunar began to notice suspicious actions within the Order and went to his brother for council on the matter. They discussed how they were raised to serve the Light and the people of the land, for good against evil. The more they conversed the more Brunar realised how far his brother had lost his way. Fighting others for personal gain, battling unnecessary wars, killing innocents. Fearing the depth of corruption within the Order Brunar went to his mentor, a last ditch hope, with the information he had gleaned from his brother. The mentor’s reaction left Brunar with ambivalence on the matter as he continued down to the armory to prepare for the next campaign.

Out on a mission with his brother and a few others from the Order, Brunar suddenly realized that they’d been sent to conquer a small village for the enforcement of the Order’s influence. As to mirror his mood, the sky opened up in a sight-limiting downpour. Turning back to question the actions of the men around him, Brunar was met with unfriendly faces scowling back at him. Suddenly the troops attacked Brunar, as though this was the plan all along. Having to draw his weapon on comrades sent hatred through his veins.

“I hoped the corruption wasn’t true!” screamed Brunar.

Between blocking incoming attacks, Brunar caught a glance of his brother at the edge of the brawl starring on with uncertainty in his eyes. The last of the troops were felled by Brunar’s flanged mace leaving the brothers remaining in the red soaked battlefield.

Worn down, both physically and emotionally, Brunar locked eyes with his brother. “There’s still time to redeem yourself, Mogran.”
A long pause followed as the brothers stood like monuments against the lightning of the storm. After what seemed like eternity, Mogran’s face flashed from concern to determination and he shouted at Brunar.
“There’s no helping what I’ve become, but we don’t have fight each other! What will it be brother? You’ve shown you are more than fine with killing innocent men! We can ride back to the temple and boast about your change of heart.”
“This isn’t what we were raised to believe…” Said Brunar furiously, “We were to protect those in need and only use our skills for good!”
Mogran’s face turned to disgust.
“So you’ve chosen to be weak.” Sighed Mogran as he drew his sword and slowly walked towards Brunar.
“I’m sorry it has come to this Brunar. I was hoping our familial bond would transcend this nonsense.”

Brunar slid into a battle stance. He felt tears welling in his eyes and quickly wiped them away. He knew he’d have to stay sharp if he were to survive this bought, let alone try to do so without killing his brother.
“I don’t want to fight you Mogran, just turn around tell the Order I’ve been slain!”
“They require proof.”
“I won’t kill my only family member!”
“Sorry brother, it’s kill or be killed.”

In a flash of light Mogran lunged forward, slashing at Brunar. Weapons clashed, ringing louder than the thunder of the storm. Distracted by emotional turmoil, Brunar was struggling to determine an agreeable end to this mess. His whole life was crashing down around him… no home to return to, no family left to trust in, a life on the run awaiting.
Swing after swing parried by an equal opponent until a final flash of light pierced the sky.


A solid mace strike was able to make contact with Mogran. Brunar staggered as he tried to regain his eyesight, the battle field was nothing but darkness after the lightning had struck near the brothers. His sight returning, Brunar saw his brother slumping to the ground, a desperate look on his face. Frantically trying to heal his brother with no success, Brunar grasped his brother's shoulders as the last spark of life vanished from Mogran’s eyes. Brunar felt a crippling chill grab his heart, he was all alone with the relentless rain.
With no time for a proper ceremony, Brunar bundled his brother onto the back of his horse and set off to escape the Order’s wrath. A day of nonstop travel was a decent head start, at which point Brunar built a funeral pyre for Mogran. Seeing his brother finally laid to rest he decided to continue his devotion to those in need, assuring no one else would suffer as his family had. Taking a single memento from his brother’s possessions, a medallion their father had given him, Brunar packed his belongings and tried to get some shut eye. A restless night opened to a warm and sunny morning, filling Brunar’s spirit with as much hope as one could have after such events. He decided on Waterdeep for his new home, at least until he could get a clear perspective on a few things. Brunar took one last look upon his brother’s makeshift resting place and then set out on his new life.

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PostSubject: Re: DnD 5e - Brunar Olfellow   DnD 5e - Brunar Olfellow Icon_minitimeTue Sep 20, 2016 11:03 pm

Or it would have if he hadn’t been shocked to see an elven woman kneeling before the smoldering pile of ash. He wasn’t sure how he hadn’t heard her approach, and how long she had been there. She kisses her hand and places it on the scorched earth, then rises gracefully. She turns to reveal a strikingly beautiful face. She makes a small bow and speaks with a voice that sounds like hunny being dropped on a golden harp. “Hello I am Grixxus. I am sorry for your losses. Yours is a cruel fate, but this will be your strength and why you will do so much more than most.” She glides forward and as she does so produces an iridescent green envelope with the words “Scandalous Peacock” engraved in gold on the front. Inside is a single piece of parchment with a metallic sheen to it. It is cold to the touch and has the word “TICKET” written on one side. The elf maiden then beckons for Brunar to kiss her. Without being able to stop himself he places his lips on the supple lips of the elf. He skin smells sweet, like a field of flowers in spring and her lips taste of rich mahogany…? Brunar pulls away to realize that he has just kissed a wooden door that sits in the middle of a field. Without thinking he steps inside and what he sees is not at all what he expected from a door that used to be a woman and was in the middle of a field, or perhaps exactly what he would expect.

Congratulations your character has entered the starting area. From here your story begins. To continue read the first post on http://powerrangos.forumotion.com/t9-the-scandalous-peacockthen post at the bottom. For formatting have a gander at the other players style. If you have any questions I am here to answer them.
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DnD 5e - Brunar Olfellow
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