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 DnD 5e - Pillsbury Rumpusson

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DnD 5e - Pillsbury Rumpusson Empty
PostSubject: DnD 5e - Pillsbury Rumpusson   DnD 5e - Pillsbury Rumpusson Icon_minitimeFri Sep 09, 2016 10:32 am

Pillsbury Rumpusson

Male, Human, Wizard,
Wizard's Apprentice, Lawful Neutral

STR    8(-1)                       AC 13
DEX   16(+3)                     Initiative 3
CON   15(+2)                     Speed 30'
INT    19(+4)                     Passive Wisdom 14
WIS   8(-1)
CHA   10(0)

Inspiration  1
Proficiency  2
Saving Throws
Int 6, Wis 1

Arcana 6, History 6, Insight 1, Investigation 6

Arcane Recovery
Once per day, when you finish a short rest, you can choose expended Spell Slots to recover.  The Spell Slots
can have a combined level that is equal to or less than half of your Wizard level (rounded up), and none of 
the slots can be 6th level or higher. (Example: 4th level Wiz can recover either one lvl 2 slot or two lvl1 slots)

When you attempt to learn or recall a piece of lore, if you don't know that information, you often know where
and from whom you can obtain it.  

If I can see a creatures mouth, and it is a language I understand, I can read their lips flawlessly, +5 to 
Passive Wisdom and Passive Intelligence


Acid Splash, Blade Ward, Prestidigitation

1st Level
Magic Missile, Witch Bolt, Protection from Evil and Good, Shield, False Life, Feather Fall

Physical Description
Height: 5'6"     Weight: 140     Age: 26
Eyes: Watery Grey     Skin: Pale and sickly looking     Hair: Unruly, dusty brown
Description: Scrawny, sickly and pale.  Shaggy, unkempt curly hair blends into an equally scraggly beard grown long through a life time of never shaving.  Eyes sunken into his face still somehow sparkle with a bit of innocence and the hint of a smile is rarely ever away from his lips.  It is obvious upon second glance that instead of looking like a hobo because of being on hard times, it's just because he doesn't particularly care about his appearance.  He has plain clothes that are of a decent make but worn thin through constant wear.  Never likes to be far from his bulky bag of magic components and is leaning on his walking stick to help carry the weight.

In a small farming village in the middle of nothing important, a great wizard, Bahdok the Wise, returning from a great adventure, spied a small boy of around 4 years of age with a gift for magic.  Bahdok the Wise offered to train the boy to become a powerful and great Wizard in is own right.  Instead, the boys parents happily sold him for 3 silver pieces and Bahdok the Wise's unfinished tomato and goat cheese on rye.  Being the new (and unexpected) guardian of of a child, Bahdok the Wise took the boy to his tower and began to teach him the wonders of the universe...starting with how to read and write, since the boys parents considered him a nuisance and tried to pretend he didn't exist.  Over the years the boy, who was never given a name, settled upon calling himself Pillsbury Rumpusson, the halfling hero of his favorite children's story, a decision he would later regret.  Bahdok the Wise, not used to being a proper and responsible parent, let him keep the stupid name.  For this reason, it was maybe best that Bahdok the Wise forbade Pillsbury to have any friends and limited all social interactions so as not to disturb his training.  Eventually, Bahdok the Wise perished.  Age finally caught up to him when, at an integral moment in a spell meant to scry into a nearby tavern and see if he should order out for dinner, forgot the proper incantations and instead teleported different pieces of himself all over the world.  Now, hilariously under prepared to survive in the real world, Pillsbury, now (on the vaguest of technicalities) a man, embarks towards the nearby city of Waterdeep to continue his training and continue in his masters research and studies...but not before setting alight the tower of Bahdok the Wise in a symbolic gesture of the death of his old life, destroying countless centuries of important research and untold thousands of gold pieces in powerful arcane relics.
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DnD 5e - Pillsbury Rumpusson Empty
PostSubject: Re: DnD 5e - Pillsbury Rumpusson   DnD 5e - Pillsbury Rumpusson Icon_minitimeMon Sep 12, 2016 1:38 am

Pillsbury sets off into the distance and as the smoldering tower of his former master retreats below the horizon Pillsbury hears someone call him by name from behind him. Turning he sees a plain looking human wearing simple travelers clothes. The man speaks as he approaches, “I am sorry to hear about your master's death Pillsbury. He was a good friend and I will miss his company.” Pillsbury recognises Grixxus. He had come to visit his late master many times. Grixxus continues, “I have something that will help you on your journey.” He produces a green iridescent envelope with the words “Scandalous Peacock” embossed in gold on it. Inside there is a single piece of parchment. It has a metallic sheen to it and is cold to the touch. The single word “TICKET” is printed on one side of the ticket. He continues, “I don’t normally do this but I got you something else.” and points over Pillsbury’s shoulder. There is a door standing in the middle of the road where there had not been a moment ago. When Pillsbury turns back Grixxus has vanished. Having seen doors like this used before Pillsbury instinctively walks through the door.

To continue read the first post on http://powerrangos.forumotion.com/t9-the-scandalous-peacock then posts at the bottom. It is assumed that your character is entering the bar at the last post that has been published. If you have questions about posting feel free to ask.
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DnD 5e - Pillsbury Rumpusson
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