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 Dnd 5e - Fin 'Night Reaper' Keep

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PostSubject: Dnd 5e - Fin 'Night Reaper' Keep   Tue Sep 27, 2016 6:22 pm

Fin 'Night Reaper' Keep



Experience: 0/300
Level: 1

Hit Point Maximum: 10
Current Hit Points: 10

Inspiration: 1

Hit Dice: 1d8
Hit Dice Remaining: 1

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Rogue Assassin
Background: Criminal
Age: 34
Weight: 140lbs
Height: 5' 10"
Skin: Caucasian
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Short, Raven-Black



Armor Class: 14 (Leather Armor)
Initiative: +3
Speed: 30'



Strength: 12 // +1
*Dexterity: 16 // +3
Constitution: 14 // +2
*Intelligence: 12 // +1
Wisdom:8 // -1
Charisma: 12 // +1

Passive Wisdom (Perception): 11


Saving Throws & Skill Proficiencies:

Str: +1
Athletics: +1

*Dex: +5
Acrobatics: +3
*Sleight of Hand: +5
**Stealth: +7

Con: +2

*Int: +3
Arcana: +1
History: +1
*Investigation: +3
Nature: +1
Religion: +1

Wis: -1
Animal Handling: -1
*Insight: +1
Medicine: -1
*Perception: +1
Survival: -1

Cha: +1
**Deception: +5
Intimidation: +1
Performance: +1
*Persuasion: +3


Other Proficiencies:
Light Armor
Simple Weapons
Hand Crossbows
Thieves' Tools
Gaming Set: Deck of Cards



Human Feat:
-Try to hide when lightly obscured
-Missed ranged doesn't reveal location
-Dim light doesn't impose disadvantage on Wisdom(Perception) checks relying on sight

Rogue Traits:

Thieves' Cant

Sneak Attack: 1d6 damage on advantage hit, or on distracted enemy 5' from ally

Criminal Trait:
Criminal Contact: unknown name


Rapier: +5 // 1d8+3 piercing // Finesse
Shortbow: +5 // 1d6+3 piercing // 80/320
Quiver: 20 arrows
Dagger x2: +5 // 1d4+3 piercing // Finesse, Light



-Crowbar x2
-Waterskin: (Empty)
-Dark Common Clothes
-50' hempen ropes strapped to the sides
-Scandalous Peacock TICKET
-Scandalous Peacock Room Key

-5 days of Rations

Burglar's Pack:
bag of 1,000 ball bearings, 10' string, bell, 5 candles, hammer, 10 pitons, hooded lantern, 2 flasks of oil

Thieves' Tools:
small file, set of lock picks, small mirror mounted on a metal handle, set of narrow-bladed scissors, pliers

Leather Armor
Belt Pouch(15GP)


When Fin's hood isn't blocking his face, his gray eyes cut through the night. Even with the abyssal stares, the symmetry and broadness of Fin's face makes him very Charming. Not much else can be determined, other than his height and weight. He's wearing his leather armor that's been darkened along the journey with dirt and blood and has attached his hood to it.

Personality Traits:
Prefers to have multiple plans of attack

Remove corruption and stop trade of intelligent creatures

Breaking the chains that bind my village

Target is priority number one!


Grew up in the Moonwood
The town of Quatrvarr

The corruption of Quatrvarr spread, and a group was formed to start capturing local creatures of the Moonwood for trade. I made an attempt at saving a group of elves, but was only able to successfully save one. Using what I could muster up as a lockpick, I was able to finally get the cage door open. Just before I realized that I didn't go completely unnoticed. The alarms sound as the elf's cage door swung open. The elf looks at me, says, "I'm Tariel, we need to go!"

We nearly escaped, but being from such a small town, I was certainly tagged and now never able to return to my town unless I wanted to be caged like rat. I'm sure by this point, I've been cast as a Criminal to my own, but I will one day prove to them the wrongs that are taking place right under their noses.

Tariel and I traveled South, to Silverymoon. It seemed her and I would be travelling together for a while, being that we have a common enemy that we would like to see brought to their knees. While in Silverymoon, I was able to make contact with a criminal mastermind. He taught me the ways of Deception and Stealth, along with a secret way to communicate among Thieves. He also would also send me on hits, but has always been courteous enough to enlighten me with a substantial reason for their death. Being that I will only introduce anyone to the "Reaper," under a few conditions; You've attempted to murder me, you've attempted to murder someone or destroy something I love, or you've become so corrupt that killing you will in turn save the many.

My contact has yet to reveal their name, but I've learned much from him. It wasn't long though before a group by the name of "Red Hand" caught wind of my intentions. They set a trap for me and were able to capture me. The leader of this small group gave me an ultimatum. With his knife to my throat, I had to either give up my contact and leave Silverymoon for good, or die.

What they didn't know, is that an intelligent person like myself, never travels alone. Tariel, off in the distance, shot an arrow straight through the head of the one threatening my life. Immediately, I used my training and disappeared from sight. Tariel and I rendevous outside of Silverymoon and leave before we had any more surprise visitors, marking it on the list of places to be cleansed of the wretched.

We continued further South West until we reached the town of Waterdeep. Upon arriving, I learn that my contact seems to have an amazing ability to always have a way of locating me and keeping me up-to-date on local targets and points-of-interest. Beaten and worn, Tariel and I locate the local Inn and rent a room for the night. Like clockwork, I empty my belongings to make sure everything is still with me. At which point, I noticed something, there was nothing missing, but something added. A folded note, branded with the emblem on my contact's gloves. Confused about how this could've gotten there between now and last night, I open it.

Scrawled on the note: "Find 'The Accountants,' to, 'Help Balance Ledgers."

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PostSubject: Re: Dnd 5e - Fin 'Night Reaper' Keep   Tue Sep 27, 2016 11:12 pm

In addition to the not there is an envelope with the package. The envelop is green and has the words “Scandalous Peacock” and inside there is a single piece of metallic parchment that is cold to the touch. It has the word “TICKET” emblazoned on one side. There is another not in the package that says to hold the ticket and open a door while unobserved. The doorman will help with the rest. The man behind the counter is a well kept and adorned with fancy dress that accents his pale green skin. As you enter he nods and speaks firm but almost singsong voice. Deciding to give it a go Fin opens his inn room door and is faced with not at all what he expected. Instead of the manky inn hall he is greeted by a well appointed vestibule. It is adorned with lavish carpet and festooned with peacock feathers. At the other end of the vestibule sits a man behind the counter.

Welcome to the Scandalous Peacock, where those with wealth and influence or just the needy come to find adventurers. Feel free to eat and drink as much as you like, but do not participate in violence or you will be dealt with harshly. This is a neutral place. Fin we have been expecting you. We will inform him that you have arrived.”
He beckons and the door opens revealing a the estate within. Lavishly appointed there is a large bar with many tables ringed by a series of booths with high backed chairs and a drape that can be pulled to provide privacy. There are a handful of people in the midst of making deals, enjoying drinks or looking for work. Nestled into one corner there is a stage with a few players filling the room with music. There are stairs that lead up to a series of rooms with large tables surrounded by chairs and the floor above that is filled with rooms meant to be slept in. As you are about to step across the threshold, the man behind holds out a key with a room number attached to it.

This is your room key. On behalf of Grixxus, enjoy your stay and good luck in your adventures.

To continue go to http://powerrangos.forumotion.com/t9-the-scandalous-peacock and post your response at the bottom.
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PostSubject: Re: Dnd 5e - Fin 'Night Reaper' Keep   Mon Oct 03, 2016 8:03 pm

Added Scandalous Peacock TICKET & Room Key to inventory
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PostSubject: Re: Dnd 5e - Fin 'Night Reaper' Keep   Mon Oct 03, 2016 9:48 pm

Introduced to Brunar
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PostSubject: Re: Dnd 5e - Fin 'Night Reaper' Keep   Wed Oct 05, 2016 10:54 pm

Informed about "Cloak and Dagger." They're talking with Tariel at the Scandalous Peacock
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PostSubject: Re: Dnd 5e - Fin 'Night Reaper' Keep   Fri Oct 07, 2016 1:58 pm

Introduced myself to Cloak and Dagger and have invited Brunar to travel with myself and Tariel
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PostSubject: Re: Dnd 5e - Fin 'Night Reaper' Keep   

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Dnd 5e - Fin 'Night Reaper' Keep
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