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 DnD 5E The Hunters - Civ - Biography.

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PostSubject: DnD 5E The Hunters - Civ - Biography.    DnD 5E The Hunters - Civ - Biography.  Icon_minitimeMon Oct 03, 2016 2:30 pm

The Hunters
The People:
The hunters are a nomadic group of people who move from region to region every few years in search of work. These hunters hunt monsters by trade and are occasionally bounty hunters when the work is scarce. They are frequently hired by locals as guards for caravans and some will take jobs as common thugs. They are also renowned artisans and masters in their many trades.
Though the hunters community is a hardened and brutal one it isn't without its charm. The community is made largely of orphans. They are taken in for any reason regardless unless they have somewhere else to go. If that is the case they will accompany the child to their relatives or others who will take them in. “Any life would be safer for a child than the one we could offer them.”
Once a child is picked up and brought to the community they are given time to acquaint themselves with their new home and brethren as they begin their training.
In a nomadic community everyone has to pull their weight even children so their training begins at the basics; reading, writing, how to speak the common language, then survival skills and general knowledge of the world. Throughout the child's time they are raised by the community but are also given chores they must complete each day. Older children are put in charge of the younger children and when chores aren’t done they are held accountable.
Once they are deemed ready - usually by the age of 9 or 10 they are tested in capabilities and finally once fully evaluated they begin their apprenticeship with a master. During the apprenticeship they will usually find themselves under the tutelage of many masters as to round out their skills but their single assigned master is their command.
During their apprenticeship they learn the tools of the master’s trade and are given chances to apply the skills they are learning to practical use as to learn from mistakes they make.
Master’s will sometimes have many apprentices at once depending on the need. The bounds usually forged in these times are as close to family as many of the children have ever or will ever know.
Once a hunter is old enough, usually around 19 or 20, and the master feels like they are ready they are given their first task or job based on the area of expertise to perform alone without any help or guidance from anyone else. If it is done well they can begin going out to apply the trade in the world if the desire it.
The children are not prisoners here. If a child wishes to leave before they are able in a trade, no one will stop them at any point.

The Trades:
The trades of the hunters are varied but also fairly general and separated into 3 main schools of learning. Magic, Artisanry, and Slaying. Each of the areas are controlled by the masters that fall into those groupings
The smallest group in the hunters is the magic users. Usually orphans with magic talent are picked up by one actual school or another so there aren't many and really only a single master presides over this area of learning. The master teaches the use of spells and how to control their energy the best that she can but there are limitations since magic is incredibly expensive and usually under used in the community. Once basic levels of knowledge are attained she usually suggests that they leave and attend the actual schools of magic. The ones that stay usually assist her in her duties and accompany the guards on patrols and the like.

The largest group is the Artisans. Smithing, Alchemy, fletching, and others. At one point in time or another during every students tutelage they will participate in base courses in at least 1 artisanry trade usually taught by the oldest students. This is a lot of the time their final task before moving on. Once mastering their trade most leave to the big cities and towns for work. Most never returning to the community.

Not all trades are safe however and 1 trade in particular is the pride of the hunters. Monster slaying. If a child is found to have the skills of a fighter they are taught the trade of the hunters and many children parish during this training. These are the guards, the warriors, and the biggest money makers for the community. They also train the other trades in basic fighting skills. Once they are masters they will either stay on to protect and serve the community, they will go out alone and find work across the continents, or form parties to find the biggest or most deadly beasts to slay.

The Reasons:
Coin and money is what circles around them, it is the lifeblood of this community but they are not consumed by it. The coin is used to perpetuate this style of life. The community keeps the trade and supplies rolling in and out. Since they are nomadic and have a large community they aren't able to feed everyone without doing this. They also would not have the ability to acquire the materials to practice the various trades if they didn’t put a heavy focus on this.

They take children in for multiple reasons. The main of which being that they would rather see children be given a chance to make a difference in the world or at least make something of themselves. “Survival shouldn’t be the only goal in life but at least we give them the chance to do that and more.”
Children are also much easier to mold and teach trades. Their minds once sharpened are much keener and able to focus and become masters of their art at a young age.

After leaving some never come back either death on the open road, or deciding to settle down somewhere, takes them. Those who do come back find it easy to return and sometimes they return with their new families. Though this is rarely the case for artisans.
Some once they are declared masters in their own right and abilities to slay monsters will leave and continue applying their trade just simply to find new opportunities and explore the depths of their field. Others will go out and find more lost souls to add to the community.

The Encampment:
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DnD 5E The Hunters - Civ - Biography.
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